enabling meaningful work

Getaka Labs is an equal parts consultancy, engineering, and creative firm.

We specialize in RPA development and creating unique digital experiences.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing from the best elements of each industry to enable meaningful—and exceptional—work.

What's your goal today?

I need expert strategic insight

Innovation Sprints

Technology Architecture

Omnichannel Strategy

Usability Testing

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

I need design that’s immersive & captivating


UX & Visual Design

Service Design



Design Systems

I need software that’s well-built and thoughtfully developed


Mobile Apps

Prototyping/MVP Development

Cloud Native Development

Content Management Systems

ERP and CRM Implementation

I need creative content that drives conversions

Communications Planning

Social Media Management

Editorial Materials


I need comprehensive & cohesive marketing initiatives

Campaign Development


Marketing & Automation


Chat Marketing

I need to automate tasks to increase productivity

Robotic Process Automation


Image and Voice Recognition

Here's how we work.

We develop value-adding solutions that are data-driven, creative and immersive. We believe in the power of collaboration, working with like-minded individuals, teams and communities. All towards the goal of helping you work simpler, smarter and faster.

Comprehensive roadmaps that deliver outstanding results. Built by a team of adaptive thinkers who are here to sit down with you, get to the root of your problem, and create solutions that spur your business forward.


Boosting productivity across the board.

Work exponentially more effectively. We’ll automate your low-value functions and minimize mistakes in repetitive tasks with RPAs, chatbots, and image & voice recognition software. So you can take full control of how you run the show and better focus on taking it to new heights.

Crafting strategies that see you all the way through, from assessment to rollout.

Any project is only as good as its gameplan. Whether you’re after technology architecture or for a refreshed brand strategy, innovation sprints and other evaluation tactics allow us to extract the core of what you need so we can bridge whatever gaps you’ve got at hand.

Implementing design that speaks volumes and creates unique experiences.

Form that goes hand-in-hand with function—give us the latter and we’ll shape the rest. We draw up immersive user experiences and thoughtfully-made design systems, keeping your customer at the center of every point of the consumer journey.

Developing platforms tailor-fit to your needs, down to the last detail.

Different codes for different folks. Websites, mobile apps, product & management ystems built specifically—and sustainably—for your goal.

Producing creative content that powers conversions.

Good copy grabs attention. Great copy prompts action. We stick to credible communications, generate platform-specific content, and pen longform editorial materials that can live on any of your assets.

Integrating initiatives through data-driven campaigns & effective marketing tools.

In all our marketing efforts, we lay down a strong foundation—a well-defined brand. That allows us to build other core components: data-driven strategies, executions customized to each platform, and creative content that captivates and converts.

Meet The Team.

Jorge Dollisen


Jesseca Barro

R&D Manager

Mark Henry Liwag


Paul Carlo Peralta

Software Engineering Director

Hannah Ysobel Palima

Marketing Manager

Darlene Salumbre

Business Dev't Manager

Ben Buenaventura

Visual Branding Specialist

Chloe Grace Bato

UX Designer

Joanni Aque

Graphic Designer

Argie Navora

Software Engineer

Erwin Pascual

Associate Software Engineer

Jayra Gaile Ortiz

Associate Software Engineer

Let's work together.

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